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Apr. 13th, 2003 | 04:37 pm

Who's Your Sex Symbol Twin?
Your sex symbol twin is...

Beyoncé Knowles!
Like this princess of pop R&B, your sexy style is off the charts! With a tummy that can stop traffic and a star-powered smile, Beyoncé has all eyes on her. Young boys want to date her, young girls want to be her. You share Beyoncé's “Bootylicious” outlook on life and love and never shy away from embracing the latest trends. When it comes to makeup, you opt to sparkle like the star you are. Your eyes shine with shimmer eye shadow and glitter eyeliner, your cheeks glow with a little bronzer and your lips gleam with a fresh pink gloss. As for fashion, you're a firm believer in “less is more.” You were born to wear baby tees and painted-on low-slung jeans. And of course, your best accessory is a bellybutton ring. With the air of a good girl gone glam, you and Ms. Knowles will always steal the show

*did the test at ivillage.com

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Jibrille Mudou

From: tearslikerain
Date: Apr. 13th, 2003 01:55 am (UTC)

Hiya! It's been awhile! Where have you been? We've all been worried about you!

~ Jibby

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Lúthien Eámanë Vardamir

From: theangelalexiel
Date: Apr. 13th, 2003 02:41 am (UTC)

heyyy=) I had some r/s problems at the time, took a while to get over,so i dropped out of the internet scene totally.=)
school's also been pretty crazy.

how have u been?=) hope u guys are all doing fine=)

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Jibrille Mudou

From: tearslikerain
Date: Apr. 13th, 2003 03:23 am (UTC)

r/s problems? what does r/s mean?

We've all been doing well, though tensei has sorta been put on hold, I guess. We've all had our own things to deal with IRL, so we haven't had much time towards it.

dragoncelt is doing very well in her Medical School, we're all proud of her.

futile has also been doing well with school, and is now dating algus.

I've been dealing with the usual medical problems, but recently landed a very good job that I'll be starting on the 21st. I also got my boyfriend to start his own LJ, jelle

I'm really glad that you're back, though. I've missed reading your stories and your entries in Tensei ... you really have a unique way with words ^_^

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